Sunday, 4 December 2011

Oh Dear...

... Here it comes, the massive back log that is my work. Its safe to say I haven't been feeling myself lately what with the glandular fever and the sheer amount of medication I'm on, but I am finally feeling well enough to tend to my blog. So here it is, the work you haven't seen for from the past month or so, enjoy.

The dreaded cubes...

 Here are some of the mini models before the final pieces were attempted.

 Georgia O'Keeffe inspired my first cube greatly.

 If you can believe it, this cube represents Queen Victoria and her many dull dresses.
 Margaret Calkin James and her poster work, repetition inspired this one.

 Ahh this one took me a great deal of time, it represents wood work and its many joints. it also comes in two pieces.

 The Le Corbusier piece proved most interesting for me as it was the trickiest to put together. And I quite enjoyed the intricate work!

 And finally, the perfect white cube. I got a very high 94% and was joint first in the class for it!

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